Ingrid's Adrenal Recipes

Black Turtle Bean Soup

Beans are diuretic, but these little black turtle beans are good for stamina. When the kidneys are tired and people are suffering from fatigue as well as fluid retention and/or edema, this soup can be consumed in large quantities on a daily basis for weeks or months. Some people will lose as much as 30 pounds in ten days IF the weight consists mainly of fluids rather than fat. Where there is a mixture of fluids and fat, more spices will promote fat metabolism and the turmeric will help emulsify and remove the fat from the gall bladder and kidneys.

Codonopsis Barbercued Tubers

In Oriental medicine, codonopsis is used to treat yin deficiency conditions and increase precious qi. This makes it useful for those who are tired or suffering from chronic fatigue. It also helps to remove "false fire" and reduce the risk of peptic ulcers. In China, it is often used by people undergoing radiation therapy.

Korean Codonopsis Barbecued Bellflower Roots


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