In the sequence of regeneration, rakta is the second dhatu. It refers specifically to red blood cells and receives the nutrients necessary from the plasma, first dhatu.  Red blood cells are very sensitive to the purity of the plasma, but they respond relatively quickly to detoxification of the plasma as well as improvements in the quality of the nutrients available in the plasma. Then, the blood cells further refine the nutrients and deliver them to other tissues of the body.

Many of the problems faced by red blood cells involve a combination of pH balance, toxicity, and exposure to electromagnetic waves. To perfect the red blood cells, the plasma must first be perfected.  Red blood cells not only get their nourishment from the plasma, but they are vulnerable to the quality of lipids required for the maintenance of the membranes necessary for their protection and elasticity. When the membranes are weak, the cells are easily perforated and/or penetrated. They can then become parastiized by infections such as malaria and babesia.

We cannot underestimate the important of red blood cells in supplying oxyen and nutrients to all the tissues of the body, but Ayurveda places the emphasis on prana, not oxygen. Prana is vital and conscious so good quality blood promotes comprehension as well as health.

Ayur Blood Elizir is one of the main formulas for improving rakta dhatu.

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