AY Mamsa Dhatu

About half of the weight of the body consists of muscle tissues.  Because the earth element predominates, muscle tissue is heavy.  Muscle tissues are elongated so that they can expand and contract.  This allows movement and the density provides strength and structure. Consistent with the nature of the primary elements, muscle tissue is also protective of the delicate organs that are covered with muscles.

Muscle tissues are vitally involved in coordination, everything from handwriting to martial arts.  As is readily seen in facial movements, muscles express emotions.  Muscles need to be both strong and elastic.  Even if one is not athletic, we need to recognize that muscles are vital to heart function, urinary output, and countless other motions we take for granted.  Unlike the first two dhatus, plasma and red blood cells, muscles give the capacity to defy gravity.

Muscles depend heaivly on protein intake so proper fasting will purify muscles but result in some loss of strength.  The qualities of healthy muscle tissue are strength and ambition.  When mamsa dhatu is deficient, there will be infirmities and sometimes spasms or even paralysis.

Correcting mamsa dhatu means eating relatively heavy foods but using spices and bitter herbs to make sure that harder to digest foods are actually assimilated.  You can think about cinnamon as well as shatavari and ashwagandha.

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