Asthi dhatu, the fifth, is found in the bones, teeth, cartilage, nails, and hair.  This tissues are comprised mainly of the earth element, the densest of the elements, but there is also air, which can lead to brittleness, as well as a little bit of water.  These tissues are hard but not impermeable.  They can also become storage places for toxic metals.

Asthi dhatu is related to minerals in general and calcium in particular.  These, in turn, regulate electrolyte balance, bone density, and a host of issues related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, hearing, and even menopausal symptoms because this dhatu needs more support once estrogen production declines.

Shilajit is the remedy of choice for this dhatu.  It is rich in a wide variety of minerals.  Good natural salts, such as rock salts, Himalayan salt, and root vegetables and herbs grown in rich soil can also provide the necessary nutrients for healthy asthi dhatu.

Using a good Ayurvedic toothpaste will not only support dental health but aid in the assimilation of minerals needed by the teeth.  Peelu and neem are ideal.

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